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 Courageous INVESTIGATOR Stephen Sindoni brought out the info over FOUR  YEARS ago about WHO the supposed "Barack Obama" really IS. But he was  called loco by trolls at the time, and his outing was suppressed, pushed  aside, discarded or called rantings of a kook. HOWEVER an INTEL analyst  of a very senior caliber and former TOP GOV'T AGENCY CONTRACTOR has  just confirmed to us confidentially and declared that SINDONI's  conclusion about who BARACK really IS --- is 100% correct. "Barack" is  the SECOND SON of the King of Thailand. And as to WHY the King  voluntarily GAVE UP his second son to the CIA for the CIA to groom him  as a long-controlled asset destined to eventually become USA PRESIDENT,  is simple---- ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND POWER. The King's OTHER son will  be heir to the THAI throne. But THE KING and the government of THAILAND  have for decades been making a scoundrels' MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR fortune  - by engaging in ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE WITH THE CIA. In order to not only  preserve this illegal drug trade but ALSO TO PROTECT it from detection  and investigation, the King decided in concert with GHW BUSH and the CIA  to give his SECOND SON to a long form CIA psy-op project which would  eventually place "BARACK" in the White House, and thus "Barack" would  run a good eight years of intense and effective cover-up of the ILLICIT  Thai-CIA DRUG TRADE SECRETS. 





Stephen Sindoni is a researcher and truth seeker. From an early age he  was an avid reader and spent much of his time learning about American  history, ancient civilizations, religions and Greek mythology. In his  quest to uncover ancient truths he came to the realization that he was  an old soul living in a new embodiment. There are those can claim to  predict the future, Stephen has been given the ability to see into the  past, present and the future by the guidance of the fifth dimension. The  body of his work includes the following: Sindoni Says, I am I Said, The Planet X Factor, Trailer Park, Temp Agency and The Legend of JC Brown

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Outside of the office, I am an avid adventurer and hiker. My favorite mountain range is Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Love spending time in the Cascade mountains.I also enjoy singing Karaoke whenever I get the opportunity. We all need to do lighten up and find something that you like to do. We can not fail at being ourselves. 


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